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I'm Sam. I love knitting and music. I enjoy watching shows like True Blood, Big Bang Theory, and The Office. My favorite color is blue. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I love stargazing and rainbows. <3

Rainbow Beanie

I had leftover yarn from my rainbow kerchief and decided to make a beanie out of what’s left. It turned out pretty good. I knitted it on straight needles and stitched it up because I didn’t have a gauge big enough in my circulars. I knitted it on smaller needles for the brim, thinking it was going to be too big, but it turns out it’s a little tight now. I really don’t feel like doing it again at the moment, though I might later? Or maybe I’ll just give it to a friend because I don’t really know how much I’ll wear it, and I’m happy with my rainbow kerchief made out of this yarn, so I still have something pretty and rainbow :)



Free chart here

I’m not that interested in making socks, but I WANT THESE! This may have given me the motivation to make a pair of socks >___>

(via mrjuniors)

Star :)

I knitted a star! I think I’ll knit more sometime and put silly faces on them :)

Pattern found here.

photo of my boyfriend with his little renwood :D

Renwood Bunny

This is a Renwood bunny :) It’s based on a drawing that was done for my boyfriend. He wanted a knitted version of it, and it turned out absolutely adorable! I just love it :D It’s ears are very flexible. The ears and most of the upper body is filled with polyfill, and the bottom has pellets so that it has some weight and can stand by itself. The little bumps on the ears and the arms are just bobble stitches. I think I will use bobbles more often on cute little toys like this. They are very useful and easy to do!

Heart Hairpin

I’ve had this yarn lying around for a while now, and I found a heart pattern that I like better (no seaming!), so naturally I made yet another heart! I just poked a bobby pin through it to make it a hairpin. I think it’s pretty cute this way :) I’ll probably make more little things out of this yarn. I just love the colors!

Valentine’s Heart Necklace

So I knitted some of these cute hearts and I decided to turn them into necklaces! I made one for my best friend and myself :) I’m so excited to have a cute necklace to wear with knitting on it! I think I will make more cute knitted pendants soon. I’ve been wanting new necklaces lately…I also might make something cute to put on a headband. I’ve been really into headbands with bows and flowers on them lately!

Finished Leafy Knot Clutch!

I finished my clutch on Thursday! It turned out really good. My only complaint is that the bottom sags if you put anything heavy in it, so I am thinking that I need to put some sort of solid support in the bottom. For now I am using a cute little hardbound wallet that will work since my normal wallet is too big and heavy for this bag. This new wallet is just the right size!  It makes me think of True Blood, and that makes me happy! :)

Leafy Knot Clutch WIP

This is my leafy knot clutch! It’s turning out really good so far. I’m quite happy with it. I think it’s going to end up being a bit bigger than what the pattern called for, and I might add an extra repeat so that it will be longer. I’ll decide after I do two more repeats :)

Also, I started this today! I feel so productive :D

Finished Dead Fish Hat 2!

This is the dead fish hat I made for my dad :) I finally finished it after several months of putting it off and slowly working on it. I added some stuffing to the eyes so that they were puffy because he wanted kinda bulgy eyes. I think it turned out really good!

You can see my dead fish hat here! :)

Pattern found here.

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