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I'm Sam. I love knitting and music. I enjoy watching shows like True Blood, Big Bang Theory, and The Office. My favorite color is blue. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I love stargazing and rainbows. <3

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Miss Mufflepuff the Love Muff!

This is something that I have wanted to knit since I first purchased Knitting Mochimochi. It was the project that caught my eye the most and made me absolutely certain that I needed to buy that book asap. It’s odd that it took me so long to actually knit it! I decided to give her a bow using the left over yarn from the inside :) I just adore her. I was so excited the entire time I knit her and I’m so pleased with how she turned out! She is my favorite thing that I have ever knit! 

My boyfriend joked the night that I finished her that she should be named Mufflepuff (seeing as both he and I are Hufflepuffs), and I think it’s cute and witty!

Finished Pigs with Wigs!

I finally finished the Pigs with Wigs :) They are just so cute! I decided to use the same colors as the ones in the book. They are just so bright and cheerful that I couldn’t think of any better colors to use! 

(Also, I only made two pigs. I stitched to pictures together…it looks okay :P)


This is my piggy! I made her based on a pattern in Knitting Mochimochi, and she’s turned out just adorable. I’m making another one already, and possibly another one or two more after that! I might be making one for a certain friend of mine who’s birthday is coming up because she specially requested one :) I’m pretty excited with how this one turned out, and I’m really proud of how well I stitched on the legs! They are very evenly spaced and lovely!

Clancy the Moose!

This is Clancy! He’s all finished now. I was at a friend’s house for a couple days, so I didn’t really work on him until Saturday, and then I finished him on Sunday! I knitted two more little birds for him, and I will probably make some more in the future.

I think he turned out really good. The only thing I’m not completely pleased with the way his arms are attached. I didn’t stitch them on there very well. But that’s ok. He’s still looking good ;)

Clancy and his bird friends are all from Anna Hravochec’s book Knitting MochiMochi. In case you haven’t noticed, I highly recommend this book! I just adore it! The projects are made using fairly basic stitches, the directions are easy to follow, and the projects don’t take very long to complete. Plus, they are just so darn cute! If you’re interested in knitting cute little guys like Clancy, I definitely think you should buy this book! It was the best $20 I’ve spent in a long time!

Quick Peek….

Here’s just a quick look at what I’m working on right now…

This is what will eventually become a scarf. It’s about 9 inches long right now, so I’ve got quite a ways to go. I’ve been wanting to make a cabled scarf, and I finally found yarn for a good deal a short while back. I needed a new long term project, so here it is!

And then this guy down here is yet another project from Knitting Mochimochi :) I’m not sure when I’ll be finished with him because I haven’t decided if he is going on my weekend trip with me yet. He’ll definitely be finished sometime next week though! :)

I love Pockets

So naturally I love my Pocket Protector!

This is yet another from Anna Hrachovec’s Knitting MochiMochi book! The large yellow one is George, and the small blue one is Pipsqueak, or Pippy for short. My best buddy Amber named them :) I have to make more of these for a few friends, since they all loved him, so I will probably have more of these to post soon. At this rate, I will be done with all the projects in this book very quickly! I just love it :D

A-well-a everybody’s heard about the bird…

B-bird’s the word!

This is my birdy!

He is the first thing I made out of Anna Hrachovec’s Knitting MochiMochi book. I made him first because he’s the easiest XP I plan on making more of these little guys, as well as the accompanying animal that goes with them in the book. I have the yarn for him now, so I will probably make him within the next few weeks, but I have some other projects I need to finish before I start him. Or her.

Sleep tight, don’t let the bed bugs bite!

This is my bed bug! His name is Boo Boo :) He’s actually the second little guy I’ve made from Anna Hrachovec’s Knitting MochiMochi book. He didn’t take me too long to make. I made him in two nights, and that was only because I started him late the first night. I stitched his hat to his head because I think he looks better with it, and I didn’t want to lose it. I had a hard time with his legs because I had never used the mattress stitch before, so at first his middle legs were too far inward. He is a bit top heavy, so his head sits on the ground and his two back legs just kinda float in the air when I set him down. But I figure that’s okay because he’s just a cute little sleepyhead who would rather rest his head on the pillow anyway. :)


I’m Sam and I love to knit!

I sound like an addict…and that is because I am! I picked up knitting a few years ago, and in the past year, I’ve really gotten into it. Hats are my favorite things to knit because they aren’t terribly time consuming, and there is so much you can do with them! I have also knit scarves, mittens and gloves, as well as small toys.

This week I purchased a book called Knitting Mochimochi by Anna Hrachovec. It is wonderful! This book is full of cute little projects, and I’ve already knitted three of them! It’s perfect for making fun little toys to give out to people, and I can’t wait to make more :) I’ll be posting some pictures of what I’ve made soon!

Knitting Mochimochi!