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I'm Sam. I love knitting and music. I enjoy watching shows like True Blood, Big Bang Theory, and The Office. My favorite color is blue. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I love stargazing and rainbows. <3

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More Renwood Bunnies!

I knitted some more renwood bunnies :) I have had this cool multicolored yarn for about two years now and I only just got the right needles for it a few months ago. I finally had an idea for what to make…cute tiny renwood bunny!

I also knitted up an orange one for my honey for Valentine’s Day this year. I think they make a cute little family all together.

I apologize for the lack of posts…I actually have things from Christmas that I never got around to posting. I feel pretty silly posting them now, but I will be sharing them soon! 

photo of my boyfriend with his little renwood :D

Renwood Bunny

This is a Renwood bunny :) It’s based on a drawing that was done for my boyfriend. He wanted a knitted version of it, and it turned out absolutely adorable! I just love it :D It’s ears are very flexible. The ears and most of the upper body is filled with polyfill, and the bottom has pellets so that it has some weight and can stand by itself. The little bumps on the ears and the arms are just bobble stitches. I think I will use bobbles more often on cute little toys like this. They are very useful and easy to do!