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I'm Sam. I love knitting and music. I enjoy watching shows like True Blood, Big Bang Theory, and The Office. My favorite color is blue. I love Reese's Peanut Butter Cups. I love stargazing and rainbows. <3

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My Tiny Display

I found this perfect little shelf at the thrift store a while back. I have filled it up quite nicely with my tiny knits :)

(Look at how tiny my pirate is compared to the mermaid! Too funny!)

I am still unsure what is going to occupy the top space, but I’m sure I will find something!

Tiny Hamburger Earrings

Now, this tiny hamburger is the entire reason why I bought any of the kits. From the first time I saw him, I absolutely wanted to buy one! I loved the idea of making two into earrings, so that’s what happened!

I think I have enough yarn to make one more of these guys. All I think of when I see these tiny cheeseburgers now is how I should knit a tiny Dean Winchester. It would be too perfect!

Tiny Frog

I love tiny frog and his lily pad together :) He is my second favorite of the kits I purchased. 

Tiny Pirate

Here is my tiny pirate from the tiny kits on Mochimochi Land :) 

I adore his little eye patch. I was surprised by just how much smaller he was than my worsted weight mochis!

Tiny Kits!

I ordered some kits from Mochimochi Land recently and I just love them! 

I don’t knit with sock weight yarn, so I was really excited to try these out and see just how tiny these knits get. The result: super tiny!

I will be sharing these knits over the next few days :)

Journey Poncho

I don’t know about you guys, but I absolutely loved Flower by thatgamecompany. When I found out they were coming out with a new game, Journey, I was pretty psyched. Journey turned out to be a fantastic and moving game. I adore the art style, particularly the character’s outfit. I felt so inspired by it that I knew I needed to try and knit something related to Journey. Here is the result!

I am really pleased with the way it turned out overall. I still need to fuss a bit with the collar because it doesn’t lay the way I want it to. I took very detailed notes, so I may turn this into a pattern if people are interested!

Belated Christmas 2011 Post

Last Christmas my fiancee and I bought a tiny fake Christmas tree to decorate ourselves. I decided it was finally time to knit up some ornaments!

Both of these little guys are the design of Anna Hrachovec. She is my favorite knitter if you can’t tell from the other projects I have done :) I also knitted two more snowmen to hang in my car and my fiancee’s car. They are just too cute!

More Renwood Bunnies!

I knitted some more renwood bunnies :) I have had this cool multicolored yarn for about two years now and I only just got the right needles for it a few months ago. I finally had an idea for what to make…cute tiny renwood bunny!

I also knitted up an orange one for my honey for Valentine’s Day this year. I think they make a cute little family all together.

I apologize for the lack of posts…I actually have things from Christmas that I never got around to posting. I feel pretty silly posting them now, but I will be sharing them soon! 

So I have just been the worst blogger, but I hope this makes up for it a little! I was asked by dowhatyourbodywants to post about my yoga bag I made. I will not be posting a pattern for it, but I can lead you in the right direction to recreate it!

For most of the bag, I followed a pattern entitled the Grrlfriend Market Bag (found here on or here from the author’s website). I followed the instructions for the base and made it as large as necessary to cover the bottom of my rolled up yoga mat.

I then proceeded to follow the instructions for the body. I kind of measured out how long the bag would be and tried to figure out about when I should start the tree part, but I just kind of guessed. I put tried the bag out as I went to see how my mat would fit and to try to center the tree section. 

Once I had my desired length, I referenced my modified Twining Trees chart (the original chart can be found here on and here on the author’s website) and started working on it. I kept the part surrounding it simple by just doing stockinette stitch and just followed the chart, modifying it due to knitting in the round instead of as a flat panel. 

After I finished the chart, I went back to knitting the body of the bag in the Grrlfriend Market Bag pattern until it was the desired length. I just used some yarn for a drawstring.

I hope this helps anyone looking to make a bag like mine!

Miss Mufflepuff the Love Muff!

This is something that I have wanted to knit since I first purchased Knitting Mochimochi. It was the project that caught my eye the most and made me absolutely certain that I needed to buy that book asap. It’s odd that it took me so long to actually knit it! I decided to give her a bow using the left over yarn from the inside :) I just adore her. I was so excited the entire time I knit her and I’m so pleased with how she turned out! She is my favorite thing that I have ever knit! 

My boyfriend joked the night that I finished her that she should be named Mufflepuff (seeing as both he and I are Hufflepuffs), and I think it’s cute and witty!

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